Our Integrated Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery program is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy & 12 step Program approved by the World Health Organisation with a Holistic Approach. The treatment program includes Sub-Acute Medical Management (Detoxification) and Psychiatric / Psychological Therapy for the patient. The program has multi-disciplinary, medically guided approach that heals the person, not just the problem. We infuse confidence in the patient and help them understand that they can live a healthy and disciplined life without addiction. The patient is put through an intensive schedule including Yoga, Meditation, Therapy Classes, Daily Moral Inventory, Management of Feelings, Group/ Individual Counseling, 12-step Work, In-house AA / NA Meetings and Recreation. Regular updates are provided to the patient's family.

Some of the highlights of the program are listed below:

1. Detailed Medical and Psychological Assessment
2. Medically Supervised Detox
3. Motivational Interviews
4. Relapse Prevention Plan
5. Rebuilding Relationships
6. Input sessions (topics related to recovery)
7. Individual, Group and Family sessions
8. Psychotherapy
9. Stress, Anger and Grief Management
10. Problem Solving Skills
11. Life Skill Management
12. Goal Settings

The Treatment Program is tailored with reference to personal history, family history, circumstances that led to addiction, addictive substance(s), gender, physical health and other variables for effective treatment approach. Various forms of therapies like Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Role Plays, Psychodrama & Model Therapy are used to help client towards whole person recovery.

Proven and Effective In-House Treatment Program is for 100 - 120 days (after that it's not relevant) and covers physical dependence, mental obsessions, etc. In the early phases of the Addiction the Individual can benefit from Outpatient Treatment without the need for admission.

Where we are ?

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