Tobacco Addiction

Chewing, Sniffing or Smoking techniques are employed to extract nicotine, which after absorption into blood stream reaches the brain. Cigarettes, first introduced in 1850 simplified the whole process. Each pull on a cigarette and drawing of smoke into the lungs shoots a dose of nicotine into the blood stream and within 10-15 seconds this dose will have reached the brain..
Cigarettes are an integral part of 20th Century life-A pleasurable commodity, a symbol. In the movies, the curling cigarette smoke often denoted romance. Elegant cigarette holder became a sign of sophistication.


It’s the nicotine that keeps smokers hooked. When the nicotine level in the blood stream falls, the body starts to crave for a cigarette. This craving lasts for 2 or 3 minutes, which if you can resist, can get you right on track to giving up smoking!
Cutting down doesn’t work: As you cut down, each cigarette becomes more important and you inhale harder and deeper, causing more damage to your heart and lungs. Research suggests that most people who try to reduce their number of cigarettes soon return to their original number.


• Throat: Cancer of the Oral Cavity, Larynx and Tongue.
• Lungs : Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, TB, and Lung Cancer.
• Heart : Blood Pressure, Heart Attack.s
• Brain : Stroke, Cancer in many parts of the brain.
• Eyes : Increased Cataracts, Retinal Detachment and macular Degenerations.
• Impotence, Miscarriages.
• Wrinkles on the face, Hair Loss.
• Suppresses the Immune System decreasing the ability of the body to fight against infections and cancer

Roughly one fourth of whatever harmful effects smoking has on smokers, it also has on passive smokers. The second hand smoke can cause and aggravate asthma and other breathing problems. The chemicals in the second hand smoke poison the heart muscle, thicken the blood vessels and block them, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Why quit?

One smoker dies every 5 minutes from heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, or other related diseases.
Quit smoking and reduce this risk by 50%.
You will not smell of stale tobacco and your taste will improve.
Improve your self-esteem .
You will feel good about your success in getting rid of a bad habit.
Your work efficiency will improve.
Look at what you can save. Put aside the money you burn daily on cigarettes and you can buy yourself a new vehicle in a few years’ time.
No more nagging from your family.

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