About Usiru Foundation

The enormity of the problem of addiction can only be understood by the ones affected by it. What compounds the situation for the addicts and their family is the lack of good rehabilitation centers.

Usiru Foundation was established with the sole aim of providing a rehab facility that can match up to the prescribed ethical and professional standards of addiction treatment. Usiru Foundation’s aim is not only to provide Good treatment to alcoholics and addicts, but also provide the addict’s family with the support it requires in dealing with the situations. Usiru Foundationfollows process which is considered the “most effective treatment for addiction”, as it is a holistic approach targeted at healing mind, body and spirit. It helps the addicts not only through the treatment process, but also enables them to choose a new way of life that supports them throughout their recovery and abstinence.


Usiru Foundation’s holistic approach (yoga & meditation), and therapeutic approach (counselling, interventions, feeling management, therapy session etc.,) is supported by medical and psychiatric professionals.

Usiru Foundation facility boasts of 24/7, support team comprising of a doctor, experienced counsellors and therapist. Usiru Foundation’s treatment panel also includes Physiatrists, Dentists and other visiting and on-call medical professionals.

Many of therapy staff are recovering addicts and alcoholics, who have undergone the trauma of addiction, and have treaded the recovery path to experience the joys of abstinence. The empathy, understanding and bonding that these therapist provide to the recovering addicts is unmatched in its efficiency. We provide the best De addiction Treatment.

Where we are ?

Usiru Foundation – Centre for De-addiction & Rehabilitation
#956/1/3, 2nd Floor,
Near Ring Road,
Kasaba Hobli,
Mysore – 570023

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